5 Routes and Regions to Explore

5 Routes and Regions to Explore

There are so many places to road trip in the States, but this list may get a couple of gears going for you. It is important to take out a map and choose a region or some major cities you want to see. Once the main destination or region is selected begin to dig deeper into which stops you want to make along the way!

1. Michigan

The Shipwreck Coast that runs along the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a sight to see and travel on. This road trip reaches from Grand Marais to Whitefish Point. The Whitefish Point area of Lake Superior is the location of more lost ships than any other spot in the lake, making this experience one that encompasses both nature and history.

2. Chicago to LA

The best known trail of them all is Route 66. Begin Route 66 in Chicago, Illinois and end your trip in Los Angeles, California. While it is a massive road trip it may be one of the most remarkable ones you ever embark on. You'll pass through landmark cities like Springfield, St.Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Flagstaff with huge natural sights to see; most notably the Grand Canyon. Along the route are 'mom and pop' shops, colorful motels, and Food Network-worthy restaurants.

3. Massachusetts

Hit the open road in Cape Cod, Mass. This route consists of a 40 mile stretch on Route 6A, going through towns full of sea captain houses that date back to the 18th century.

4. The National Parks Road Tour

This route takes you from Jackson, Wyoming to Glacier National Park, Montana. Included along this traveling road are magnificent nature sights from five national parks and loads of watering holes. The national parks include Yellowstone National Park, Missouri Headwaters State Park, where you will see the Missouri Rivers braids, and lastly Lake Isabel in Glacier National Park.

5. New Orleans to Florida

Start your trip off in the French Quarter of New Orleans and end up on the shinning sea of Florida. On your trip you will pass through Alabama, where you will want to stop by Dauphin Island’s seven miles of white sand. From Alabama you will go on to Destin and Apalachicola in Florida, a place full of fishing!

While doing your research make sure to see which hotels, houses and living accommodations fit your road trip needs. Also, read on the safety of your various regions and carefully planning gas stops along the more eerie routes. Lastly, don’t forget to research some of those traditional and note-worthy dinning spots along the way!

Jan 12th 2018

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