5 Quick Ways to Beat Boredom on a Road Trip

5 Quick Ways to Beat Boredom on a Road Trip

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it feels like summer is finally here! That means it's time to kick RV and camping season into full gear! Unfortunately, if you're traveling to a different state, that can sometimes mean boredom creeps in (especially for the kiddos on board!). Road trips in the RV are always fun and memorable. But, we all know there are always a few hours during the trip where everyone is looking for a way to spice things up for a while.

Thankfully, there are tons of quick boredom-busting activities the whole family can do to stay alert and create even more memories on the road. Before you head off for your first trip of the summer, keep these in mind and use them in those 'boring zones.' Your kids will thank you!

1. Audio Books

You all binge-watch your favorite Netflix series at home, right? Why not do it on the road with an audio book? Audio books have become increasingly popular lately, especially for people who do a lot of driving. Choose something the whole family might enjoy, like a mystery book or something comedic. Everyone can stay calm and relaxed while being entertained at the same time. It's a win-win!

2. The Alphabet Game

It never hurts to break out a classic! If you played the Alphabet Game when you were a kid, it's a great tradition to pass on to your own children. The rules are simple – the first person to find items that begin with each consecutive letter of the alphabet wins!

3. Name That Tune

A classic gameshow can come to live in your own rig! Plus, you don't have to wear a cheesy three-piece suit to be the host. For this game, you can either decide to hum/whistle a tune, or have your passengers play a few seconds of a song from their phones, computers, etc. It's a great game to play individually or as teams.

4. Build a Story

If you'd rather try your hand at your own story-writing than listen to a book, get the whole family involved! Decide on a subject for a story. Each person will recite a few sentences of a story they make up, before the next one takes over. It's amazing how one subject can change into something totally different by the time the tale is over! For a bit of extra fun, have someone record your story as it goes along so you can listen to it later and re-live the laughs.

5. Window Graffiti

Purchase washable window markers for the kids before you head out on your trip. They can play games on the windows like tic-tac-toe or hangman, or just spend time drawing pictures! RVs are great for this, since they usually have at least one large window, if not more – just make sure not to distract the driver or block their view!

We'd recommend using things like phones, tablets and video games as a last resort for keeping kids occupied on the road. Road-tripping is about spending time together, even during those 'boring hours.' Use these suggestions to make that time a bit more exciting for everyone, and they'll undoubtedly forget all about technology (at least for a little while!) 

May 29th 2018 Stacey Blaske

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