5 Haunted Places You Can’t (or Shouldn’t) Take Your RV!

5 Haunted Places You Can’t (or Shouldn’t) Take Your RV!

If you’re a true RVer, you take your rig with you everywhere all year round.You practice the 365 RV lifestyle and you love it.You desire to take your RV with you on all your travels.What if we told you there are places you can’t go with your beloved rig?There are places that are either inaccessible or just plain forbidden for you to travel.Here’s the top five scariest places you can’t go with your RV!!

  • 1.Poveglia Island, Italy – Reportedly this island is one of the most haunted places in the entire world.A last stop for patients infected with the plague, this island saw thousands upon thousands of deaths while it was in use.The island was so thick with the ashes of burned bodies that it is said your feet will sink into the soil wherever you walk.A mad doctor was rumored to have performed crazy and cruel experiments on patients there, eventually committing suicide because of the spirits of past victims that haunted him.The remote location is inaccessible by any type of vehicle and good luck finding a boat to get there, or even getting permission from the local authorities to go.If you do get a ride, pray you don’t get your boat stuck on a pile of bones on the shore of the island.
  • 2.Craco, Italy – Italy strikes again with old-world mystery and suspense.This village was abandoned in 1963 for unknown reasons and the villagers all relocated.This village is accessible if you’re RVing overseas, but that’s only if you don’t mind the curse that befalls any visitor to the village.Also the demons that supposedly roam the hills that will take your life if you dare approach.Sorry.We have a lot of items for sale at RecPro.Demon repellant isn’t one of them.
  • 3.Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania – The only thing worse than the infrastructure in Pennsylvania is the hollowed-out husk of the Eastern State Penitentiary.The horrific stories of riots, murders, and prisoners being tortured and left in solitary confinement until they went insane are rife throughout this prison’s history.Now a haunted attraction is run at this old prison called, “Terror Behind the Walls.”The real terror is the group of ghosts that haunt the place that once called Al Capone, home.
  • 4.Miyake-Jima, Japan – Like a trip to Mordor, Miyake-Jima is an area trapped by a landscape of poisonous volcanoes that emit gasses so continually that the residents must wear gas masks twenty-four hours a day.To breathe the air is like inhaling death itself.We don’t care how good your RV’s air filtration system; this area is a no-gosaki if you’re ever traveling the nation of Japan.
  • 5.Holy Land, USA – You won’t find God here anymore.This once-theme park that was based around the stories of the bible is now a dilapidated montage of decrepit buildings and rides that has more ghosts than visitors.Shut down suddenly in the 1980’s, this unhallowed ground is more exorcist than it is Exodus.
Oct 26th 2018 SD Shank

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