4 Benefits of Exterior RV Lights

4 Benefits of Exterior RV Lights

Your RV is incredibly versatile. Its interior is a haven of luxury and comfort for camping excursions, vacations, and long road trips. And with the simple addition of a few awning lights, its exterior can enhance the quality and atmosphere of your parties and events. Here at RecPro™, we’re all about connecting RV owners with high-quality and inexpensive gear to make their traveling adventures even more exciting. Today, we’ll introduce you to four fantastic benefits of installing external lights onto your RV.

1. Exterior RV lights are incredibly convenient.

Without exterior lights, you’ll be forced to utilize portable kits to illuminate the spaces near your vehicle. That means pulling your lights out of storage, extending their legs, plugging them into a socket, and placing them strategically around the RV to light as much space as possible. Then, after your event or activity ends, you’ll need to unplug them, collect them, and place them back into storage. This process is tedious, unpleasant, and takes a significant amount of time, inhibiting your ability to enjoy your trip and engage with friends or family members.

With exterior RV lights, setup and cleanup are effortless. At the flip of a switch, you can provide exceptional visibility for nightly maintenance tasks or social gatherings. Furthermore, exterior lights lasts significantly longer than portable lights. In fact, if you choose a high-quality provider, your strip lights can last more than 50,000 hours! The days of constantly replacing bulbs for portable lights are finally over.

2. Exterior RV lights are safer than portable lights.

When you use portable lights to illuminate your RV’s exterior, you’ll need to keep a very close eye on changing weather conditions. Any moisture and rainfall can cause extensive damage to lights that aren’t waterproofed. Portable lights are also a major tripping hazard, especially if they (and their cords) aren’t placed far away from guests and activities.

With external RV lights, there’s no risk of tripping over equipment or scalding your hands. Awning lights are mounted in a safe location that’s completely out of reach. However, if you do invest in these excellent additions to your RV, it’s critical to ensure their quality first. Unlike our competitors, all RecPro™ LED exterior lights are completely waterproof. That’s because we utilize a combination of crystal resins and silicone sleeves to ensure flawless coverage.

3. Exterior RV lights optimize the space in your RV.

As an RV owner, the most precious resource you need to manage is your vehicle’s free space. Between furniture, grills, tech, and maintenance equipment, many RV drivers struggle to find enough room to store their items. The last thing you need is an assortment of portable lights and extension cords wasting valuable space. Fortunately, RV exterior lights won’t take up any of your storage. They fit compactly on the side of your vehicle’s exterior, providing you with substantially more room to store essential supplies and tools.

4. Exterior RV lights are atmospheric.

When you’re hosting a lively social event with your RV, you want its exterior to exude a fun and exciting mood. Using waterproof RV awning party lights, you can bathe the space around your vehicle with a stylish and atmospheric glow. Party lights are a fantastic addition to any event or gathering, particularly if it involves dancing or live performances. Best of all, these lights come in a variety of different colors. Whether you choose an ethereal blue, fiery red, or enigmatic purple, exterior lights can add a whole new dimension of character and class to your parties.

Order Exterior RV Lights From RecPro™ Today

If you’re interested in adding exterior lights onto your RV, RecPro™ sells IP68 waterproof LED strip light kits that are incredibly easy to install and come in a wide range of length and color options. We buy direct and warehouse large quantities of RV lights, allowing us to offer unbeatable prices and the fastest shipping. Last but not least, RecPro™ provides free same-day shipping on all orders made before 2 PM! Feel free to look through our site to find a set that perfectly fits your needs and preferences.

Dec 27th 2017

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