8" Pull Out Kitchen RV Faucet - Satin Black

  • 8" Lavatory RV Faucet - Black
  • 8" Lavatory RV Faucet - Black
  • 8" Lavatory RV Faucet - Black
  • 8" Lavatory RV Faucet - Black
  • 8" Lavatory RV Faucet - Black
  • 8" Lavatory RV Faucet - Black
  • 8" Lavatory RV Faucet - Black
  • 8" Lavatory RV Faucet - Black
  • 8" Lavatory RV Faucet - Black
  • 8" Lavatory RV Faucet - Black
  • 8" Lavatory RV Faucet - Black
  • 8" Lavatory RV Faucet - Black


Style and quality come to a head with this new metal-based faucet from RecPro. This limited-edition extendable shower style kitchen sprayer is built to be long-lasting, designed for style, and engineered for the ultimate kitchen convenience. An ergonomic plastic shower head features a rubber-coated two position switch that will quickly shift between the shower function and the aerated water function. The handle is lightweight and incredibly durable. Unlike the majority of the faucets that come directly from the factory, you won't need to treat this one with "kid gloves" to make it last longer than your first year of ownership.

For greater ease during installation, the cold and hot water lines have color coated threading in the wire mesh surrounding the lines, so you know correctly which line to hook up to the proper port in the wall. The base hardware with the unit (two strong bolts) is an all-metal housing so that it will stand up to the pressures applied to it over the years of use. With this fancy faucet, you can't miss. It has the features you look for in kitchen hardware and so much more. Hurry and get your limited-edition Black Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet today!



  • Dimensions: Hose (extends 50" below base)
  • Dimensions: 8" H
  • Dimensions: 12" L (holstered in faucet base)
  • Solid-metal lever handle
  • Pivot-action lever style handle
  • NSF/ANSI certified
  • Shower head allows up to 2.2 gal (8.3 lpm)
  • 60 PSI
  • ADA compliant
  • Dual-function pull-out spray head
  • Ceramic disc cartridge
  • Color: Black


Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove the mounting hardware from the faucet.
  2. Install faucet through the center hole. Reassemble the mounting hardware onto valve shank. Tighten assembly (do not over-tighten fastening hardware).
  3. Proper installation of the hose weight kit will ensure that the spray retracts smoothly. On spray side of the hose, measure 15" down from the body of the faucet. Install the hose weight kit at this point. Pull out on the spray head. It should move easily, pulling and retracting, smoothly. Reposition the hose weight kit as necessary. Make sure to give enough room between the hot and cold hoses for the hose to operate smoothly. If needed you can adjust the hot and cold lines slightly to allow for clearance.
  4. Attach the end of spray hoses to the faucet. Use two wrenches to assist with tightening the hardware.
  5. Attach the hot and cold-water hoses to the water supply valve outlets.
  6. After installation of the faucet, remove the shower assembly and open the hot and cold water supplies. Check for leaks. Inspection can be done by visually detecting the water leaving the lines, or applying a soapy layer (dish soap as an example) to the line. If you note the soap being washed away in a specific spot, this could denote a leak. If no leaks are detected, leave the faucet (both cold and warm supplies) running for a minimum of one minute to flush all possible debris from the line. Once finished, shut off the faucet and reapply the faucet shower handle.