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72" x 36" Custom Concession Stand Window Awning

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  • 72" x 36" Custom Concession Stand Window Awning
  • 72" x 36" Custom Concession Stand Window Awning
  • 72" x 36" Custom Concession Stand Window Awning
  • 72" x 36" Custom Concession Stand Window Awning
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Concession trailers and food trucks are serious businesses. Along with creating amazing food for your customers, you also need to take care of your vehicle or stand. While most of this maintenance is inside, the concession stand window is also very important. It's through this window that your customers see you for the first time, receive your delicious food, and conduct business. It's through this window that customers can get a first impression of you and your food. We all know how important first impressions can be, which is why we want to give you the best window possible. While we have many other windows, it can often be difficult to find one in the perfect color for your truck. Because of this problem, we now offer a 72" x 36" Custom Concession Window.

Whether it's a beautiful day or a downpour, having a place to step out of the elements is a great advantage when serving your customers. With the awning, you can give them the shade from the sun or rest from the rain, helping them feel more comfortable. When you're done for the day, the awning helps to ensure the safety of your stand, coming with two matching locks to securely close your window, preventing any unwelcome guests. The side struts on either side of the window lift your window up, keeping it up while in business and gently lowering it down when you're done for the day.

With the aluminum frame, the window is rust-resistant and durable, able to withstand the rains and weather. With the new color custom option, you can have just the right color to match your trailer, whether it be Orange, Yellow, or Pearl Cat Green.

When you add in the optional concession support bar, you add in safety and security, lessening the stress on the struts, extending their life. With the weight of the awning on the stainless steel bar rather than on the struts, you can keep you, your customers, and your awning safer.


  • Comes with 2 matching locks for security while being transported and stored.
  • Side struts keep the awning open while in use.
  • Custom color fiberglass skin
  • All aluminum frame
  • Water Resistant