3" Satin Nickel Drawer Pull - 5 Pack

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When you consider hardware, you will realize that trends keep on changing and new ideas are popping up on how to give your RV that appealing outlook. People are getting more creative by incorporating art into simple everyday devices in their homes and RVs. One good example is drawer handles. A look at the 3" Satin Nickel Drawer Pull will show you just how you can enhance the décor of your entire space and take it to the next level with one simple upgrade.

The 3" Nickel Satin Drawer Pull offers a unique way to add style to a common piece of equipment that people have long ignored. It's a slight touch of art that will go a long way to bring out your personal style with sleek design and modern features in a way that doesn't overwhelm any of your other décor pieces. It can be used as an accessory to bathrooms, kitchens, cabinets, and furniture decorations in your RVs, houses, apartments, and other living spaces.

When you look at the Satin Nickel Pull, the first thing that will draw your attention is the elegance of its design; vividly pronounced by the neat edges and soft curves that naturally blend to give a touch of style with timeless character and enduring class. The classic Satin Nickel finish gives the surface a warm metallic look that brings shine to your space when it is slightly brushed. It's the perfect complement to those pieces of rustic furniture you have hidden in your home. The drawer pull is made from die cast zinc, which is known for its durability so you can expect it to take ages before you think of fixing or replacing it.

The "3-inch" is derived from its center to center dimensions, which is coupled with a 4.5" length. All these features on the 3” Satin Nickel Drawer Pull blend well to give you the ultimate piece of household equipment that will enhance functionality while giving you an edge to your living space style.

If you are in the middle of replacing your old furniture or upgrading your home, this is an excellent opportunity to try out the Satin Nickel Drawer Pull and make sure that your guests will have something interesting to whisper about when they leave your abode.


  • Color: Satin nickel finish
  • Material: Die cast zinc
  • Center arch
  • Center to center dimensions: 3"
  • Overall Length: 4 1/2"
  • *Hardware not included