3 3/4" Drawer Pull Weathered Copper

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3 3/4" Drawer Pull Weathered Copper are modern Drawer Handles. They have a great texture which gives warm and rustic undertones of an ancient world feel. The Copper weathering has rich, alluring tones and works flawlessly with neutral schemes and is adaptable to both contemporary and customary styles.

Life is meant to be efficient and convenient, and that is what these drawer handles are designed for. They are uniquely stylish and are made to make life better. They are modest, contemporary and a good match for drawers, cabinets, and any furniture or any home project where a copper pull can be applied. They can give far-reaching charming and rousing touch to your home. If you are still looking for ways to twist your home, the next classy thing could be 3 3/4" Drawer Pull Weathered Copper.

Excellent compatibility: These weathered copper ornamental handles can be used to add style and simplicity to any room. They are a good match for campers, apartments, RVs, motorhomes or even tiny houses. You can also use them in your DIY projects in your home. With these drawer handles, you are not limited to the place of application.

Styling: You can add a rustic touch to your drawers with this handles. They are artfully designed which will impress your visitors. Make your interior stand out with these fine-looking handles.

User-friendly: Zinc is one of the most user-friendly materials that you can install in your homes. Most people will complain about their drawer handles losing their flexible with time of use making them difficult to operate. However, that is not the case with these weathered copper attractive handles. They have the optimum texture on your hand. They are neither too smooth nor too rough making them easy to operate.

Durable: The design of these drawer handles gives them longevity and durability. They are made out of quality material which is resilient to decay. With the copper weathering, you can trust the handles to remain sturdy and withstand any weather without losing their shine or wearing off.


  • Finish shown: Weathered Copper finish
  • Comes with 5 drawer handles
  • Material: Zinc
  • Elegant antique design
  • Center arch
  • Center to center dimensions: 3 3/4"
  • Overall length: 4 7/8"
  • *Hardware not included